Family Tree Wall Decal

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XL Family Tree Wall Decal offers a classy unique tree design and includes 7 frames, 5 decal birds, and a family phrase. Measurements are apx 8′ (ft). W by 6′ H. Size includes ENTIRE DESIGN (tree, birds, phrase, etc). Great value compared to many other tree wall decals of same size! Family Tree Wall Decal phrase included: “Like branches on a tree our branches grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same.”

-One of the most popular designs in tree decal frames.
-Unique, big size: 8′ (ft). W by 6′ H.
-Family Tree Wall Decal includes classic family tree wall decals phrase.
-7 picture Frames and 5 birds also included.*

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What are your most popular wall decals?

If you’re a devoted fan of vinyl stickers you may have wondered, “What kind of wall stickers are the most popular trending wall decals?” With a lot of different wall stickers out there it’s hard to keep up with what’s popular. But we do it anyways!

Our current most popular item is our family tree wall decal. Yep, the big one on the home page. Why? Everyone loves there family, and if pictures are worth a thousand words then I guess it only makes sense to hang them up on a beautiful modern design vinyl tree (unless you want to write a thousand words on your wall about your family, and if that’s the case we support you). I’m guessing the growing popularity has something to do with people wanting to show something that is most important to them in a way that draws attention from guests (they want to show off there family in uniquely tasteful way).

Family tree wall decal, the reviews are in!

“[Je]McKay is WONDERFUL to work with! We love our tree. It’s perfect for my daughter to display her art work. Thank you SO much!”
-Angie M.

“It looks great! I replaced with real frames– and I’m so happy!”
-Danielle C.

“Looks great on a dark brown wall.”
-Holly H.

Family Tree Wall Decal

“Genealogy” has been one of googles long time most searched keywords. So it only make sense that one of the most popular wall decal trends would be the family tree wall decal. Family is what most people care about most so putting your ancestry up in a new and fun visual way is a popular new living room décor idea.

The family tree decal is generally a tree the size of a person in height with branches springing out and picture frames dangling on those branches. Many include leaves both on the tree and falling down. A lot of them also have a couple of bird silhouettes flying around.

There are many different types of family tree decals. Many can cost quite a bit of money. I’ve seen some sell for over $250! These kind of decals generally cover an entire wall and come with up to 20 or more picture frames to choose from with many branches springing out of the main one. If $250 dollars is not within your budget there are also many less expensive ones that are still very professional looking and look amazing on a wall. The only difference with those family tree decals is that they may be a slightly less expensive material, less frames, less branches, and less width. From my experience they seem to look just great though. Many family trees come with different colors. The leaves may be green and the tree branches brown with the frames being black. These ones look great but you may be surprised at how slick one that is the same color can look. The ones that are all the same color do tend to be a more popular decal than the ones that are the same color.

Picture frames generally are a solid rectangle that you put a picture on top of but give the illusion that a picture is within a frame. This method is so inexpensive and simple that you may be tempted to fill your entire house with these types of sticker decal picture frames. Photo Frames may not all be the same size though, so you want to be aware of that when making a purchase.

There are a lot of possible places to put a family tree wall decal. The most popular is in the living room. That way guests can walk in and appreciate the decal and get to know your family through the pictures. Another great place to put the family wall sticker is in your bedroom. This offers a more intimate expression of the ones you love the most. Putting this wall sticker in your bathroom may seem like a silly idea but it’s a place you’ll go to often and see it. Plus most bathrooms don’t have a lot of stylish décor in them. A hallway may seem like a good place to put them but honestly it may just blend into the background there. I guess there are pro’s and con’s to wherever you might put the family tree wall decal though if you think of it that way.

For many people family is the root of there deepest desires and emotions. And it would make sense to put photos of your family within the frames. There are others who may want to put other people in the frames besides family though. I’ve seen a tree decal that had dogs in the frames. And it’s probably great for dog lovers! I’ve also heard the idea of putting friends or roommates within the frames. This is a fun idea too. Just because you put something else inside the frames besides your family doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your family the most.

A family tree wall decal can come with a phrase next to it. In fact, most decal trees that i’ve seen do come with a phrase. A really good ones are “family, like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.” This symbolizes the unity of family and yet the wonderful diversity in personality and interests. Another phrase is “families are forever.” Isn’t that the idea that most people would want most in there lives?

Whatever type of family tree wall you choose, if you choose from a reliable seller, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

How to Decorate a Wall and Design Tips

There are a couple of different ways to decorate an empty looking wall. A painting, photograph, or wreath are very common and often times boring. But the most popular and best looking way, by far, is to put up a wall decal sticker. Wall decals come in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and designs. These are all important things to consider when purchasing a wall decal and the last one is the most important, so I’ll be spending most of my time on that.

Some materials damage your walls when the time comes to peel the actual sticker off but most of them won’t hurt your wall. Look for calendared vinyl or ask seller if sticker is removable/ re applicable. Also make sure that the decal you purchase is meant for walls and not anything else, such as a car window or car bumper.

There are many colors of decals available from a variety of decal sellers. You can either get a colored decal with multiple colors or a solid color decal. A solid color decal certainly looks more at homey that most multi color ones. The color of decal that you choose may depend on the outlook and fill of where you want to put the decal. It may be tempting to choose a fun or sensational color such as yellow or red, but most people would suggest a more professional or conservative color like black, white, or dark brown. Another suggestion is to put the color of whatever decal you are about to buy on the wall and around the furniture of the room to make sure it fits in okay.

Wall Decal sizes are extremely varied. They can range from just a couple of inches to 10 or more feet tall! It’s important to not go off of what a decal looks like just from a picture. They are often times misleading. To get the correct size, get the dimensions from the seller and use a measuring device to make sure the size is going to work well on your wall. An item description may also tell you a misleading size by telling you the size of an entire graphic rather than of each item in a graphic or visa versa. Watch out for that!

One of the most difficult and funnest part of purchasing a wall decal is the design. A wall decal design can give a room an entirely new feel, inspire, uplift, motivate, etc. There is a lot that goes into getting the perfect design for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.
so I’m going to list a series of steps to help you in that decision.

1. Search many decals before choosing the decal that you would like to make or purchase. The more you look, the more likely you are to find the best decal for your barren wall.
2. Search through many sellers. Often sellers will have the same decal for the same price. Or another seller might have much faster shipping offers. It’s always good to shop around before the decision is made.
3. Find a design that matches the feel of the room.
4. Ask yourself what feeling does this design give to those who see it?
5. Picture the design on your wall and make sure it seems right.
6. Pick a design that you can picture yourself still liking in a month from now. That is important!
7. Make sure you understand the transfer application method for the decal before you buy. Many decals are hard to set up or require a lot of effort and time before the wall sticker is complete.
8. Make sure seller offers instructions to put up the decal. Some decals are simple and require no instructions but more advanced decals require step by step instructions and tips.
9. Make the purchase and enjoy your decal!
10. Invite your friends and family over to show it off!

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