How to Reuse and Remove Decals

Can wall decals really be used more than once? Some may say the adhesive material on the wall decal will lose its stickiness overtime. To some extent yes, but it is possible to reuse wall decals. Most wall decals can be used again whether you’ve applied them once (and sometimes more than once) before.

People want to still be able to use their wall decals without having to go buy another one. You may want to redecorate a certain room in the house while others want to repaint a wall in their house. Perhaps you would like to store their wall decals for another time–or maybe you’re moving. Whatever the reason may be that you want to reuse your wall decal, you can reuse most wall decals instead of having to throw away money to buy another.

Here are a few steps to help you remove your wall decals without ruining them:

Step 1: If you happened to put your wall decal on a smooth surface wall and it doesn’t seem to come off easily, don’t panic. Just take a heat gun or hairdryer to help release the glue. When heat is applied, it allows the wall decal to fall of the wall or come off easily. So apply the heat to the part of the decal you’re wanting to start peeling to get the decal removal started.

Step 2: Once the wall decal is warm to the touch, carefully take lift a corner of the wall decal up. The wall decal should begin to peel off smooth without any problems. If the wall decal seems to give you any problems during this process, apply more heat.

Step 3: You can then use a hot soapy rag to wipe the area of where the wall decal was. Sometimes, although it’s rare, if you have an extra strong adhesive on your decal, it can take off paint. So be extra careful when removing the wall decal from the wall. If you notice paint coming off, then just repaint the area.

There are a few simple steps to follow when reapplying a wall decal:

Step 1: Clean the wall with a hot soapy rag before applying the wall decal.

Step 2:  Dry the area with a paper towel.

Helpful Hint: While in between cleaning your wall, and applying the wall decal, you are more than welcome to take a lint roller and collect any debris on the back of the wall decal. This might help allow the wall decal to stick better. Now if at any time, you are thinking about wanting to take your wall decal down and use it in another room or for another time, you can.

Step 3: Then after the wall is clean and clear, carefully with your index finger and thumb place the wall decal on the wall. Gently smooth out the wall decal with your hand to make sure it is placed on the wall secured.

It’s true that there are many different wall decals out there like matte vinyl, laminated paper etc.

and each of these may have a unique adhesive. Whatever wall decal you would like to use in your home, I hope this article has helped you feel more confident and hopeful while you remove and reuse your wall decal. Again, most wall decals should be reusable and easy to remove, allowing you to forget the hassle of having to go out a buy new one. So, the next time you are thinking about redecorating a room or painting a wall, don’t stress. Just remember to follow these steps above, and in no time you’ll have your wall decal moved to a better location.


How to Make Wall Decals Stick

If you’re looking at the wall decal you’ve hung up wondering how to make make wall decals stick, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. Real wall decals are supposed to have a strong, durable adhesive that won’t droop or come off as long as the wall they’re being put on is a normal wall. But even if the decal quality is poor, there are some things you can do to help it stick better. 


  1. Make sure the wall you stick it on isn’t too bumpy, dusty, or wet. In other words, your wall should be relatively flat, clean, and dry. 
  2. Press the decal down on the wall first by hand. Further secure it starting in the center and moving outwards (so air bubbles will leave) with a squeegee. A plastic spatula can be used in place of a squeegee if used carefully. 
  3. If the decal is still struggling to stay up, you can purchase two sided tape and stick it to the back of your decal. Ideally you would only be using this tape on certain portions of the decal. After it’s applied, stick that portion to your wall again as directed in steps 1 and 2.
  4. If your decal is still struggling to stay up at this point, you can apply clear tape strategically to the outside of the decal and the wall. It’s try that this may seem like an eye sore, but you’d be surprised how guests won’t actually notice without close scrutiny. Apply it just to parts of the decal that are drooping. Try to apply as little as possible because having too much tape on the outside can draw away from the look and effect of a wall decal. 


Some wall decals can be expensive but most are relatively affordable. If you’re trying to make wall decals stick, the easiest way to solve the problem is to get a new decal. Make sure it’s made with good vinyl and quality adhesive. Don’t be afraid to contact the seller and see what your return/refund options are. You might be surprised how reasonable they may be.

How to remove wall decals and reuse them

So you’re looking at that wall decal you just put up in the kitchen and you’re thinking, “This would look so much better in the living-room.” Or maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I sure wish I could keep this wall decal I just put up, too bad we’re painting the room.” Well you can’t just buy another–money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s time to figure out how to remove wall decals and reuse them.

There’s a couple of approaches to removing a wall decal and then reapplying it. We’ve decided to outline the the most ideal. We never said it would be easy, but hopefully it will be worth it.

  1. Examine the decal. If you’re able, contact the business who sold you the wall decal to determine whether or not your decal is a reusable decal. Reaching out to the place where you got your decal from can definitely save you a lot of time and hassle. Just tell them what your situation is, and ask them if your decal is reusable. They’ll be able to let you know if it is since they handle the vinyl and the adhesive when they make it. They are the most familiar. A term common in the industry is “repositionable”. The product listing you have may include that word and if it does, that makes your job easier. If you’re unable to get in contact with them or don’t have enough time, you can determine the reusability of the decal material by assessing the following:
    • The thickness of the Material. If the material is thick but still seems bendable and durable, that’s a good sign it may be repositionable.
    • The stickiness level of the adhesive. If the adhesive is reasonably sticky but not too sticky, that’s also a good sign the decal is reposition-able. It should be able to stick to a sheet of paper and still be able to peel the paper away without the paper ripping off to stick to the decal.
  2. Measure the decal and measure the wall you are repositioning the decal to. Get an idea of how it’s going to look. Make sure it will fit how you pictured it.

  4. Start peeling up the decal from the wall slowly and from the base of the decal. Your decal usually comes in multiple pieces. If it comes in many pieces, make sure you apply the next series of steps one piece at a time.

  6. Stick the decal on the new wall. Keep in mind that the first piece you place will determine the straightness of the entire decal. If there are many pieces, or the new desired location is too far away, you may need to first place the decal piece on a piece of backing paper. The original backing paper of the decal works best but you can also use the shiny part of poster paper. Be sure to number each piece as you stick it to the poster board so you can put the decal back together again.

  8. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until decal has been repositioned at the new desired location. Apply each piece carefully with a squeegee or a credit card and work out bubbles for best results. If decal is not sticking properly, see our Why won’t wall decal stick article.

Many people would rather just buy a new decal than go through the hassle of applying the old one to a new location. A big part of the wall decal trend appeal is the reasonable price it costs to change the feel of an entire room with a wall sticker. If the wall decal isn’t sticking, or it’s too much hassle to reapply it, It may be worth it to just buy another. You might even find something you like better by looking around. You can check out some of our super hero, princess’, and kid’s character decals on Super Sticker Decals. For a more elegant and artful decal, try a Family Tree Wall Decal. It’s a classy way to hang up pictures of your loved ones. For phrases and other decals, check out JeMcKay.

What are your most popular wall decals?

If you’re a devoted fan of vinyl stickers you may have wondered, “What kind of wall stickers are the most popular trending wall decals?” With a lot of different wall stickers out there it’s hard to keep up with what’s popular. But we do it anyways!

Our current most popular item is our family tree wall decal. Yep, the big one on the home page. Why? Everyone loves there family, and if pictures are worth a thousand words then I guess it only makes sense to hang them up on a beautiful modern design vinyl tree (unless you want to write a thousand words on your wall about your family, and if that’s the case we support you). I’m guessing the growing popularity has something to do with people wanting to show something that is most important to them in a way that draws attention from guests (they want to show off there family in uniquely tasteful way).

Family Tree Wall Decal, The Reviews Are In!

I thought I would post today what people are saying about our most popular product!

Family Tree Wall Decal customer reviews:

“McKay is WONDERFUL to work with! We love our tree. It’s perfect for my daughter to display her art work. Thank you SO much!”
-Angie M.

“It looks great! I replaced with real frames– and I’m so happy!”
-Danielle C.

“Looks great on a dark brown wall.”
-Holly H.

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The Family Tree Trend

“Genealogy” has been one of googles long time most searched keywords. So it only make sense that one of the most popular wall decal trends would be the family tree wall decal. Family is what most people care about most so putting your ancestry up in a new and fun visual way is a popular new living room décor idea.

The family tree decal is generally a tree the size of a person in height with branches springing out and picture frames dangling on those branches. Many include leaves both on the tree and falling down. A lot of them also have a couple of bird silhouettes flying around.

There are many different types of family tree decals. Many can cost quite a bit of money. I’ve seen some sell for over $250! These kind of decals generally cover an entire wall and come with up to 20 or more picture frames to choose from with many branches springing out of the main one. If $250 dollars is not within your budget there are also many less expensive ones that are still very professional looking and look amazing on a wall. The only difference with those family tree decals is that they may be a slightly less expensive material, less frames, less branches, and less width. From my experience they seem to look just great though. Many family trees come with different colors. The leaves may be green and the tree branches brown with the frames being black. These ones look great but you may be surprised at how slick one that is the same color can look. The ones that are all the same color do tend to be a more popular decal than the ones that are the same color.

Picture frames generally are a solid rectangle that you put a picture on top of but give the illusion that a picture is within a frame. This method is so inexpensive and simple that you may be tempted to fill your entire house with these types of sticker decal picture frames. Photo Frames may not all be the same size though, so you want to be aware of that when making a purchase.

There are a lot of possible places to put a family tree wall decal. The most popular is in the living room. That way guests can walk in and appreciate the decal and get to know your family through the pictures. Another great place to put the family wall sticker is in your bedroom. This offers a more intimate expression of the ones you love the most. Putting this wall sticker in your bathroom may seem like a silly idea but it’s a place you’ll go to often and see it. Plus most bathrooms don’t have a lot of stylish décor in them. A hallway may seem like a good place to put them but honestly it may just blend into the background there. I guess there are pro’s and con’s to wherever you might put the family tree wall decal though if you think of it that way.

For many people family is the root of there deepest desires and emotions. And it would make sense to put photos of your family within the frames. There are others who may want to put other people in the frames besides family though. I’ve seen a tree decal that had dogs in the frames. And it’s probably great for dog lovers! I’ve also heard the idea of putting friends or roommates within the frames. This is a fun idea too. Just because you put something else inside the frames besides your family doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your family the most.

A family tree wall decal can come with a phrase next to it. In fact, most decal trees that i’ve seen do come with a phrase. A really good ones are “family, like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.” This symbolizes the unity of family and yet the wonderful diversity in personality and interests. Another phrase is “families are forever.” Isn’t that the idea that most people would want most in there lives?

Whatever type of family tree wall you choose, if you choose from a reliable seller, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Decal Tree with Photo Frames

The first series of family tree wall stickers probably were designed pretty early on in the ongoing wall sticker decal fad. The subject of family history has been a popular search on google since it first started. So it would only seem appropriate that one of the high trending wall sticker decals is the family tree wall sticker. As different companies started to ride the wall sticker wave different versions of the family tree portrayal were created. Today there are many different versions that differ in size, color, birds, frames, branches, directions, and last but not least, wall sticker phrases included. I’d like to discuss some of the best phrases in family tree wall stickers and make a case for and against them. I’d also like to talk about the design of one of the most popular walls stickers within the family tree category.

A classic and popular wall phrase included in the family tree wall sticker from reads: “Family, like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” This wall sticker phrase is awesome for many reasons. It is a classic and relatable symbol of a common element in the family dynamic. In a family many individuals may have differences in desires, career preferences, personalities, etc, but the one thing that we all have in common is our roots. You can take the last clause of the wall sticker phrase a couple different ways. The idea of our roots having a huge part in shaping who we are is unarguably an idea of what one might get from this phrase but I think most would mean the latter part of the phrase to suggest the theme of family being most important in the end. That no matter where you go, the roots are still the same. You still have your family as the centerpiece of your life.

It’s true, Family Tree Wall Sticker is a classy unique tree design. The most popular and inexpensive tree wall decal sticker design on the market today has branches going out to the side. You may think that would leave the tree looking imbalanced and off-centered but actually it makes it look more abstract and creative. The tree is in the shape of an all black silhouette. Which actually looks more slick then having the tree be in multiple colors. Included is 7 photo frames and 4 bird silhouettes. The decal measures about 5.5 feet tall. If you are trying to find an inexpensive black family tree wall sticker I would suggest the design that looks like that.

Whatever family tree wall sticker you choose is up to you this is just the one that I found to look best for the price.